Empowering affordable transitions to sustainable, resilient, and healthy living for urban communities.


SmartBlock Communities tackles some of the most challenging crises facing the world today: climate change, affordable housing shortages, and environmental injustice. 

SmartBlock Communities pioneers a whole-systems design approach to urban sustainability that drives an affordable pathway to dramatically improved energy and water efficiency, zero-carbon electricity, resilient power, and shared electric mobility.

It is not widely known that the residential housing sector represents the largest greening opportunity of all energy and GHG-related segments of the U.S. economy. Indeed, when one aggregates the energy use and associated GHG emissions from lighting, heating/cooling of all homes, plus the emissions from the average 2.3 cars per home, plus the emissions from the processing/conveyance of drinking water to homes, and the treatment of residential wastewater, the total energy usage and GHG emissions represent over 25% of the national total.

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