About Us

SmartBlocks are designed to ease the burden of rising utility and mobility costs, while reducing local pollution levels.

SmartBlock Consulting (SBC) helps communities achieve an affordable, high performance, distributed-energy and water platform that can be scaled and replicated anywhere – a promising solution to the challenge of creating sustainable communities, nationally and globally.

SBC actively partners with community benefit organizations, local governments, and citizens to determine common goals and establish project plans that represent the interests of the entire community, with a keen focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. SBC engages experts in green building, microgrids, finance, government, and academia to ensure the latest technology is utilized in each project and the project plan is customized to meet community goals. 

Each SmartBlock community can benefit from:

  • Solar-generated electricity
  • Local energy storage
  • Islandable next-generation microgrid technology
  • Energy and water efficient appliances and fixtures
  • Shared electric mobility
  • Greywater reuse, rooftop rain harvesting, and stormwater management

SBC orchestrates system designs that operate and manage the full span of energy, water, waste-water, and mobility in order to optimize resource efficiencies and resource savings over the lifecycle of buildings.

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