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Oakland EcoBlock: The Oakland EcoBlock project is an urban sustainability experiment spearheaded by UC Berkeley and twice-funded by the California Energy Commission. The research project brings together residents of a local Oakland neighborhood block and an interdisciplinary team of urban designers, engineers, social scientists and policy experts at Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Stanford University, the City of Oakland, and leading Bay Area law firms, engineering companies and urban planners.

The aim of the experiment is to retrofit homes in a city block in Oakland, CA with energy efficiency measures, water efficient appliances and fixtures, all electric appliances, electric heating and cooling, and solar panels. All homes will be part of an islandable DC microgrid and will share electric mobility assets. 

Anthony Nahas served as Founder and Project Manager for Phase 1 of the project and Kate Ringness continues SmartBlock’s involvement in Phase 2 as a Senior Advisor. 

© 2020. SmartBlock Communities is a public benefit corporation and has applied to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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