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Strategic Advisor to the Oakland EcoBlock:

The Oakland EcoBlock project is an urban sustainability project spearheaded by UC Berkeley and funded by the California Energy Commission and private donors. The aim of the project is to retrofit homes in a city block in Oakland, CA with energy efficiency measures, water efficient appliances and fixtures, all electric appliances, electric heating and cooling, solar panels, and battery storage. All homes will be part of an islandable microgrid and will share electric mobility assets. The project brings together residents of an Oakland neighborhood block with an interdisciplinary team of urban designers, engineers, social scientists and policy experts at UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, the City of Oakland, and leading Bay Area law firms, engineering companies, construction firms, and urban planners.

SBC is advising EcoBlock on a number of key issues, including the business model, finance, billing, scalability, and communications. SBC is also writing the case study for the project.

Resilient Palisades

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Strategic Advisor to Resilient Palisades Clean Energy Resilience Team:

Resilient Palisades seeks to reduce GHG emissions, increase energy resilience, and save money for members of their community.

SBC is helping Resilient Palisades to reach their clean energy and resilience goals by advising them on a two-stage process: Phase 1 is a group purchase of solar+storage for residents. Phase 2 will be a microgrid in a select area of the community. We are also advising on electrification and energy efficiency efforts.

Energy Resilience Workshop Series

Co-Leader of community energy resilience workshop series:

Sponsored by The Climate Center and together with Community Energy Labs, SBC co-developed and co-led an eight-month workshop series and provides ongoing support for local leaders looking to develop community energy resilience projects.

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